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Planned Nexee´s last litter - Winter 2012/ Spring 2013


We chose stud dog for Nexee - more info you can find HERE






new pictures of M litter


- males Mysterius Boy BCH, Mini Devil BCH

- females My little Zenyatta BCH, My Dream BCH, Miss Corky BCH



Závody agility Horka


First winter agility competition on beach :-))

VIDEO from A2/A3 runs  HERE


 rojudge Petr Noga (CZ)  Bree (A2)

 Nexee (A3)

 open jumping

 ??.place (3 F)

 4th place (clean run)

 agility A2/A3  4th place (clean run)

 1st place (clean run)

 open agility  EL  ??.place (1F, 1R)


HI, I´M PIRATE Black Chevers


16.10.2005 - 14.11. 2012





Agility World Championship, Liberec, Czech Republic


The best AWC ever - perfect hall, fabulous work of organizers, and famous teams from all over the World under one roof:-)))


Terka with Nice (Little Jackie BCH) and Lucie with Neo (Junior of Q BCH)  with other two members of Czech team WON AGILITY teams run !!" Fantastic round!


Jumping round they have one fault and total result of Czech team - 6th place!



Terka with Nice did clean run in AGILITY individual - 6th place!!


CONGRATULATIONS to both!!!!!! You are the best:-))



foto: fotohacko, Martina Šuterová













Agility competition Zlechov, Czech Republic


 judge Hans Fried (CZ) - 100 teams  Bree (A2)

 Nexee (A3)

 open jumping



 agility A2/A3  DIS

 1st place (clean run)

 open agility  DIS  1st place (clean run)



Agility competition Brno, Czech Republic


Brees fantastic runs, hope more competitions with these results:-)) Nexee did clean run in jumping, 3rd best time. I´m sooo proud :-)

 judge Lenka Pánková (CZ) - 90 teams  Bree (A2)

 Nexee (A3)

 open agility

 2nd place - clean run

 9th place (1 fault)

 agility A2/A3  1st place clean run, best t.


 open jumping  1st place clean run, best t.  3rd place (clean run)


Planned Nexee´s last litter - winter 2012


We planned last litter of our Nexee - more info you can find HERE




JUNIOR Agility Czech championship, 8.-9.9.2012


We are very proud of success of Bara Smolkova with our Grey in teams competition!


team named GREY TEAM  on the 3rd PLACE!!:


Bára Smolková + GREY

Bára Smolková + Sky (Greys daughter.. on the picture with Grey:-)

Anička Pospíšilová + JUDE (Greys daughter:-)))

Natálie Dungalová + Dandy Fitmin


Congratulations to BIG success!!



Memoriál MUDr. Oľgy Kráľovej-Mistríkovej - rescue


Hard-working Black Chevers - passed RH-T B


Agility training WEEK, Podmitrov, 20.-26.8.2012




Me and Martina Vaskebova as trainers, great groups of agility teams, nice weather, super place - what we wanted more:-)))


Pictures from whole week you can find here HERE and HERE




See you next year in Podmitrov!






Border Collie Classic 2012, Germany, 17.-19.8.2012


BREE - category A1 (Friday, ca 44 teams)


game agility - 2nd place - clean run

agility 1 - EL

game jumping - EL

jumping 1 - 4th place (1 fault)


  VIDEO BREE       




NEXEE - category A2+A3 (Saturday+Sunday, cca 250 teams)


agility 1 - didn´t run

agility 2 - 12th PLACE, clean run

jumping 1 - EL

jumping 2 - EL

agility 3 - 50th place (1 refusal)

jumping 3 - didn´t run






GREY - category A2+A3 (Saturday+Sunday, cca 250 teams)


agility 1 - didn´t run

agility 2 - 23th PLACE, clean run

jumping 1 - 90th place (2 faults)

jumping 2 - 120th place (1 refusal, 2 faults)

agility 3 - EL

jumping 3 - didn´t run



pictures: Yannick Wouters - yannickwouters@live.be  THANKS A LOT.-))


LET´S PLAY Black Chevers


14.5.2008 - May 2012


Katjas words: It has taken me a long time to take this in, it was such a shock to me. I still find it so hard to believe that Revyy is not here anymore. There's no end to my tears :'( He got a severe poisoning of the liver, very probably due to the bayvantic-tick removal. He had no underlying medical problems. I miss him terribly and blame myself for putting the horrible stuff on him. It's unbearable to think about it. Revyy had not had it before. This video still describes him so well, my happy bouncy boy ..... VIDEO REVYY HERE




SUMMER 2012...


... is full of agility trainings..:-)) Thanks Anna for nice pictures!!!


- ... and sheep herding training video Nexee and Jackie ....  VIDEO you can see here



Agility week with Tereza Kralova, Vetrkovice


Fantastic week full of agility trainings with Tereza. We have a hours of videos, so when I find time, I make short video from our training:-)


Tereza, thanks a lot!







International BC Championship of Czech Republic, Straznice, CZ


Perfect weekend full of great runs under the hot sun:-)

For Bree it was agility premiere at BC Championship in A1 class, Nexee competed again after few months of rehabilitations (carpal injury) and she did very well! Some clean runs in good time, what we can want more!:-) Jackie did perfect runs in "oldies" class.

Grey competed with Martin, and both were very fast in parcour:-)


Congratulations to Tereza with Nice (Little Jackie BCH) - girls are WINNERS of Championship 2012!


You can see some videos:


video NEXEE    video BREE    


video GREY      video JACKIE


SLOW MOTION Nexee     





Zlín - double agility run - competition


Brees 3rd clean run in A1 class - passed condition to A2 (till September 2012):-)


Grey needed more lucky for A2 runs with Bara. Hope next weekend at Junior repre qualifications! Keep my fingers crossed!:-)


Nexee is still after carpus hurt, now she is after 6-weeks rehabilitations and it looks very good and we hope next month we can start at agility again...


 judge Petr Noga (CZ)

 Bree (A1)

 Grey s Bárou (A2)

 first agility run

 1st place (clean run)


 second agility run




photo Zuzka Jašková, Ema Vránová - thanks!


Agility training in Opava, CZ


Our agility training video you can see HERE :-)






April news:-)


Jessamine Sprite Black Chevers - passed FPr3 (IPO test)


Dash´n Beauty Black Chevers - passed ZPU1 (obedience)









Easter agility competition - Brno, CZ



Grey with handler Bara Smolkova ( runs for junior repre CZ)


Brees agility video you can see HERE


 judge Jiřina Máčková (CZ)  Bree (A1)

 Grey (A2)

 first run


 5th place

 second run  5th place  9th place



Easter news


Miss Corky Black Chevers - HD-A, ED 0/0 (not official result)


Last 3 free places in agility trainings - June 2012 - more info HERE (in CZ)




Best dog-sport teams for 2011 year


Agility: Tereza Králová & Nice (Little Jackie BCH) - 1st place


Dogfrisbee: Alena Smolíková & Keysi (Dapper Dame BCH) - 1st place



Tereza and Alena - congratulations for this great success!!





photos from http://www.ceskakynologie.cz/kynolog-roku/


Happy birthday JACKIE :-)







Agility Motešice, Slovakia



 BREE  (A1-28 teams)

 GREY  (A3-63 teams)

 agility A1 /A3



 jumping A1/A3

 7th place (1 refusal)

 31st place (1 fault)


Video from jumpings you can HERE


Happy birthday NEXEE :-)








Litter "M" - news


Our juniors celebrated 1 year of their life:-) And we got first health results:

My Dream from Black Chevers - HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD clear

Mysterious Boy Black Chevers - HD A/A, ED 0/0, PRA/CEA/Glaukom - clear


New pictures of our juniors you find in photogalleries of litter "M":

My little Zenyatta, Mysterious boy "Terry", My Dream "Dý" a Miss Corky "Kofola"


Double A1 competition, Horka nad M.


Second agility competition of our Bree...


 judge Antonín Grygar (CZ) - 18 dogs in A1 large


 first A1 run

 7th place (1F., 1R.)

 second A1 run  1st place (clean run), speed 5,35m/s


Happy birthday GREY  :-)






Agility training with Tereza Kralova again:-)


Saturday training with Nexee & Bree in Olomouc.


Video from trainig you can see HERE



GREY - termination as a stud dog


As Sara (Ceana z Temného hvozdu) did not impregnate (become pregnant) and Grey is not a young boy anymore, we underwent complete investigation of his sperm and sex organs on special clinic for reproduction in Brno and also on VFÚ on Friday, January 27, 2012.

Investigation discovered testicles and epididymides malfunction. Exact cause, why and when the malfunction arose will never be discovered - causes, in the words of the vet, could be many - injury, inflammation (also after an infury) or also the age, which is nothing abnormal even in cases of younger dogs…


As this is an irreversible condition, we announced termination of Grey as a stud in Border collie Club in CZ.


We regret to say that no future Grey puppies applicants will have a chance to get a puppy after him, however Grey has a lot of offspring, who are carrying his genes and we are properly proud of them! :)


¨Happy birthday Bree :-)






Agility training with Tereza Králová, Čeladná


First weekend in 2012 we spent in nice place (big hall in horse ranch Prosper Čeladná) full of agility trainings with Terka Králová.


Thanks Tereza for your time!


Video from training you can see HERE