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Planned litter -  BREE


We are planning Bree´s litter in Autumn 2014. The right dog is just being chosen. We expect puppies to be very lively and ebulient, suitable for active people.


If you are interest in Brees puppy, please contact us - more info HERE


Double agility Sedliště - 1.12.2013


 ca 13 teams large A2, judge Jaroslava Podmolová  Bree (A2)
 1.run A2  1st place, clean run, best time

 2.run A2

 2nd place, 2 refusal



Double agility Horka - 10.11.2013


 ca 30 teams large A2, judge Tomáš Glabazňa  Bree (A2)
 1.run A2  EL

 2.run A2

 2nd place, 1 found, best time



litter N - news


- after LOOONG time "pups" photo galleries are HERE !! :-)


POE - Night Rider BCH - was neutered for cryptorchism.




triple agility run, Zlín - 28.9.2013


 judge Lenka Pánková  Nexee (A3)  Bree (A2)
 agility (1)  1st place  EL
 agility (2)  EL  EL

 agility (3)

 1st place  2st place




time is going sooo fast - few weeks and summer is past...


We spent perfect time at Agility camp in Podmitrov and had GREAT "dogs" holiday in South Bohemia with friends and our dogs....


I don´t know why, but summer time is going much more faster than winter time... why??:-)


pictures: Lucie Drapelova, Kristyna Havova, Daria Dytrychova, Kristyna Bischofberger - thanks a lot, girls:-)





the best agility event of this year for me!:-) Perfect place, amazing agility teams, sunny weather, Nexee at final....what can I want more:-)))


See you next year!




N litter - 3 months



- time is running so fast...:-)




International BC Championship CZ, Strážnice, 7.-9.6.2013


- amazing competition - I don´t have more words:-)))


Bree with "her" team named CODY and his girls ( me + Bree, Lisa Frick + Cody, Kristýna Hanzlíková + Beauty and Bára Škarnitzelová + Joy) WON 2nd place in TEAMS!



You can see SLOW MOTION videos of BREE and NEXEE



We are looking forward to next year!!!!



Agility seminar in Prague


- last two days in May we spent in Prague at agility seminar with Kriszta Kabai and Alex Beitl. Great two days full of agility training:-)


Chilli was with us, for her first "big event" in her life:-)


Thanks Tomas for nice pictures from rainy dog walk!


Unfortunatelly one day later flood came to Prague :-(






Never say never Black Chevers "SAY" + Need for speed Black Chevers "SAM"



both boys are in new home too - Say stays in Zlin, so we can visit him very often  and Sam will be new agility star in Hungary:-)


Good luck my little boys:-)


Night rider Black Chevers "POE"


first puppy is in new home:-))) Poe is living with Vladka and Kristyna in Pilsen, he is new member of border collie pack - his new friends are Beauty and Dream  (Dream is Poes half-sister from our M-litter:-)


Good luck Poe!!.-)


Pups news


- pups are 6 weeks old, see new pictures in N-litter photogallery





 3.5.2013 28.4.2013

 run free our little girl... run free forever...


 BLAZE   16.4.1999 - 3.5.2013




Pups news


-  see new pictures in N-litter photogallery. Pups are 5 weeks old:-)






Pups news


- pups are 3,5 weeks old, see new pictures in N-litter photogallery






litter N - NEWS



Pups have first video in age 3 weeks:-) -  click HERE




Agility competition Zlechov - 13.4.2013


After long time success again:-)


You can see video HERE


 cca 24 teams LA2, judge Lenka Pánková  Bree (A2)

 agility A2

 1st place (clean run)


Agility competition Horka n.M. - 6.4.2013


... and our crazy Bree:-)


VIDEO you can see HERE:-)


Pups news


- pups are 2 weeks old, see new pictures in N-litter photogallery






Puppies news


- pupps have own official names


- you can see new pictures in N-litter photogallery


We are still not sure what color will have the male No.2. He has only little brown marks  under the tail, but that's all. Face and legs are without any marks. But we will see later;)


We have puppies:-)


Nexee gave birth to 4 pups - 3 males, 1 female. We are surprised 3 pupps are tricolor, 1 boy is black/white:-)


- more info about puppies you can find HERE



Happy birthday JACKIE :-)








Happy birthday NEXEE :-)








Nexee is PREGNANT:-)))


- more info about planned litter you can find HERE





Happy birthday Grey :-)








¨Happy birthday Bree :-)








Agility competition Tattendorf, Austria


 34 teams LA2  Bree (A2)

 first run A2

 1st place (clean run)
 second run A2  EL



Nexee was mated by BUD in days 19.-20.1.2013:-)


- more info about planned litter you can find HERE





Nexee has started her season :-)).


- more info about planned litter you can find HERE